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How to Download Android Paid Apps for Free? | Download Games, Video Editing Apps…

Welcome to Best comprehensive Guides to Get Android Paid Apps for Free. According a report from Google released on 2017, currently there are more the 3.5 million applications available on Google Play Store. You may have noticed that most apps are free and open sources to use, but there are apps which need to pay in order to use. For Example think of a game like Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour from gameloft, this game is not totally free in Google Play Store. But there are other ways and methods which we can use to Get Android Paid Apps for Free. Basically there are two ways that we can use to download android paid apps for free.

  1. How to Get Android Paid Apps For Free using Alternative apps to Google Play Store?
  2. How to Download Android Paid Apps For Free using Google Play Store Apps?

The first five application which I a have reviewed below, are the best 5 Google Play Alternatives. After that I have named other 10 Best Alternative Applications to Google Play Store. And Finally I will show you How to get paid apps for free on Android using the apps inside the Google Play Store. But before getting started, please let me know at the end what is your favorite app from this list.

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1. Aptoide

The first Alternative application which can help us to download Android Paid Apps For free is Aptoide Application. How Aptoide works and How to get it to download Android Paid Apps For Free just stay tuned, but first let’s know what is Aptiode?

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is an alternative app similar to to Google Play Store, which was written in Java for open source software at 19 November 2009.  This application can be downloaded from its official site for free for android smartphones and tablets,  smart TVs and STBs. However Google Play Store and Aptoide have similarities to each other, a good example is managing your store, uploading an App.

How to Get Android Paid Apps For Free Using Aptiode?

Now that you have the idea on what is Aptoide let’s start the process on downloading a Paid App for free. But before downloading an Android Paid App for Free, first you have to download and Install Aptoide itself.

Step 1. Open your favorite browser and search their for, and download it on your smartphone.

Step 2. Installing of a third party app on android requires to check unknown resources. well, it is located on settings which you need to enable that,Now tap on the App and install it on your smartphone, tablet or TV.

Step 3. The game which I am interested to download is the Start wars Kotor. This App is not free inside Google Play Store, infect if you use it will cost you Almost $10s. But you download this App for Free using Aptoide, if you don’t believe me look at the screenshot and decide.

Get Android Paid Apps For Free
Star Wars Kotor on Play Store and Aptoide -Intoguide

There are other examples too like pocket casts, the room game and more which is not free inside Google Play Store. Please notice every paid application inside Google Play Store can’t be found for Free on Aptoide. A good Example can be the Oxford Dictionary of English Full, which is costs $19 on both stores. However their no worries, if aptoide doesn’t have it you can use the next alternative App to download or get Android Paid Apps for Free.

2. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart alpha is another alternative application to google play store for smartphone and tablets running android. However it is also available for iOS but I am not sure it will work or no, because I don’t have an iOS. Aptoide was created for open source applications, and you could test their your own apps. But Blackmart market about complete and free applications with no trial or test. However if you see to the interface design of Blackmart Alpha, it seems that it useless. With the Basic interface and having many applications in it it can get Android paid Apps for Free. And it is even faster then the Aptoide, I mean Aptoide is downloading then you can manually installed on your Android Device. But Blackmart Alpha is directly installing the App without downloading & you have to install that manually.

How to download nova launcher prime for free?

Nova Launcher Prime is counted on the list of Best Launchers App on Google Play Store. The Recent version of Nova launcher Prime is not free. that’s why In this section I will show you how to download nova launcher prime for free.

Step 1. Tap on a Browser on your Phone and serach their for Blackmart, when it appears, download & install the App on your Phone.

Step 2. After installing the app on your phone, search their Nova launcher Prime, and download it on your phone.

Step 3. After downloading tap on the Apk and install the Nove Launcher Prime.

Just once have a look at the screenshot, the Nova Launcher Prime is not free in Google Play Store. In the meantime look at the Blackmart Alpha, it is totally free, all you need is to install on your Android System.

Get Android Paid Apps For Free
Nova Launcher Prime on Google Play Store and Blackmart -intdoguide

3. GetJar

GetJar which was created in 2004 by IIja Laurs, is an independent mobile App store for Android Phones. Since it is an independent app store, people are using it for developer tests, along side downloading Android Paid Apps. let me tell you clearly in 2004 it was created by developers for developer testing, after that in 2005 people started posting free open source App in it. In 2015 a report came up from GetJar, that

  1. Its daily downloads are 3 million per day.
  2. it has more then 849,036 Mobile Application inside it.
  3. It allows developer users to to upload their app for in the developer portal.

How to Download Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour for Free?

Modern combat 4 apk free download is not a joke, I’m serious. To start with How to Download Modern Combat 4 Zero hour for free follow the below procedures.

Step 1. Open your favorite browser and search their for Getjar, when it appears, download and install it on your Android Device.

Step 2. Once you installed the GetJar App on your cellphone, launch the GetJar App and serach their for Modern combat 4 apk free download. When it appears, simply download it.

Step 3. Now go ahead and start enjoying using the Android Paid app for free.

Get Android Paid Apps For Free
Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour on Play Store & Getjar -intoguide

Now to you to Get Android Paid Apps For Free using Blackmart.

4. FileChef

Are you interested in downloading moveis, serials, songs, images, books, gifs, software and games? If yes the FileChef is the best option for you. If you have used torrent, almost everything is available inside it & users are using it to download their required stuffs. The good thing about FileChef is that you can download almost everything for free just like torrent. In other words FileChef is like browser, but the only which it does, related to your keyword it brings the third party links. Basically these are the links to download movie, song, game and more for free. While search with FileChef you can specify the search based on the movie, song or Apps.

FileChef- Search Option -intoguide

Avengers Infinity War free Download

Avenges Infinity War is a history making film from Marvel studios, unfortunately you can’t get the full movie for free. If you use FileChef you can download this movie for free on your Phone and Computer.

Step 1. Download and Install FileChef App on your Phone.

Step 2. Now launch the FileChef app, stype your keyword Avengers infinity war free download select your category for movies/serials.

Search For Avengers Infinity War- intoguide

Step 3. Once you typed your keyword tap on search.

Search Result for Avengers Infinity War- intoguide



Appvn is another alternative application to google play store, which can provide many interesting Apps for You. However when you are first installing this app, it is in Chinese, which means it is made for Chinese people, but you can change its language to English. Appvn is also so much easy to use just like other alternative applications to google play store.

To download Appvn I recommend you to use the, because apkpure is a site which only provides apk files with right protected for their users. However if you are interested you can download this app from its official site. Once you downloaded and install Appvn on your device, open it. And Search their for an app which is not free in Google Play Store.

20 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

The Best Google Play Store Alternatives are probably those 5 apps which I just reviewed and guided you on How to Get Android Paid Apps For Free. That is the easiest way to download android paid apps for free, but the below apps don’t have the ability to download android paid apps for free. But they are Best Google Play Alternatives.

  1. APKPure.
  2. ApkMirror.
  3. Amazon Appstore.
  4. GetJar.
  5. SlideMe.
  6. AppBrain.
  7. F-Droid.
  8. Mobogenie
  9. Opera Mobile Store
  10. GetApkMarket
  11. Amazon Appstore
  12. LG SmartWorld
  13. 1App Market
  14. Samsung Galaxy Apps
  16. AC Market
  18. Appszoom
  19. 1Mobile
  20. PayTrust

Now that you know, these are the best alternative google play store apps, please let me know which one of them is your favorite app.

How to get paid apps for free on Android? Legal Ways

I only guaranty you the Google opinions rewards app, other I don’t believe completely to download android paid apps for free. If you are wondering, i have listed this apps without testing, don’t worry because I have totally used them. That’s why I am saying I don’t believe them.

1. Freapp

Freapp is mostly known for free app of the day, because everyday it suggests you to use other apps. basically the structure on how to get android paid apps for Free with Freapp is simple, just watch the ads. When you did that for your reward you can use it download android paid apps for free. and by the way freapp do not contain all the apps available on the Google Play Store.

2. Google Opinions Rewards App

Another best and legal way to Get Android Paid Apps is the Google Opinions Rewards App. Once you installed this application on your cell phone you need to answer the google survey, in return it will give you Google Play credit. Once you received a survey notification after installing the Google Opinions Rewards App, you can earn credit unto $1 after a survey. It means it is not too much money, but after multiple surveys you will be able to buy a big Game. Another thing which you need to know is, you can participate in Google Survey each week.

3. AppSales Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale

The Final legal method which I know on How to Download Android Paid Apps is Appsales. Just like other google play store apps, it is easy and a convenient way to discover new apps and games. Appsales has a bit different rule for downloading android paid apps for free. If you see an app is not free, you can simply pay for the app and use that for a limited time. For example, you have one hour to check the app, before completing the time, take back your money. Don’t worry about your money because it has google’s return policy.

Conclusion & Feedback

This was about How to Get Android Paid Apps for Free, I hope you have liked and enjoyed reading this post. But I am wondering If you would provide me your feedback, your suggestion in order to make even better post. It is your ideas, suggestions, opinions which make us move to the next step, So please let us know what you think. And Finally if you think this post is worth for sharing, please share it with your friends, colleagues, relatives.


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