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Download macOS Catalina ISO File – Latest Version 10.15.7

macOS Catalina is the latest operating system of Apple which was launched in October 2019. This operating system was named macOS Catina 10.15 and yet Apple has four updates to its latest OS and recently Apple has released macOS Catalina 10.15.4 that came a couple of months after the release of macOS Catalina 10.15.3. Obviously, macOS Catalina 10.15.4 can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for free, but if you want to install macOS Catalina Virtually on VMware or VirtualBox then you need to download VMDK files or ISO files to install it virtually on your computer. You can download the macOS Catalina Latest Version ISO file from the given link in this article.

What is an ISO File?

An ISO file or also called an ISO image is actually, an archive file that contains an identical copy or image of data found on an optical disc like a CD or DVD. Or an ISO file contains everything or large file sets that are intended to be burned to an optical disk or would be written to an optical disc.

Indeed, an ISO image is an exact copy of a digital disc that you can archive an exact digital copy of a disc and then later use that image to burn a new disc. Nowadays most operating systems allow you to mount an iSO image as a virtual disc in this case all your apps act as if a real optical disc were inserted. With the ease of ISO, you can distribute large programs and operating systems files into one easily downloadable file. Later on, you can decide whether you want to mount that image or use it to burn an optical disc.

Most downloadable operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and Mac distros are distributed as ISO images. You can easily download your required operating system from online resources, as we have put the macOS Catalina latest version ISO file download link below. You can download the file and decide whether you want to use it for installing Mac on your PC virtually or burn it to an optical disc.

Download macOS Catalina Latest Version ISO File

Download macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Final ISO Image (19F101)

Get macOS Catalina Beta 10.15 (19A4871) ISO

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How to Fix the Download Error (Download quota exceeded for this File)

Because of too many users and traffic on the site, the download link might give the error “Download quota exceeded for this file”. You face this error because the file is too large or is shared with many people. To access and download the file follow the following steps.

Step 1. Go to Google Drive and log in with your account.

Step 2: Open the download link given above, right-click on the image file and select Make a Copy. Google will create a copy of the file in your Google Drive (My Drive).

Step 3. Go to My Drive and right-click on the copied file and select Download to download the image.


When you have downloaded the ISO file of macOS Catalina, next step you might desire to install it virtually on your system using VMware or VirtualBox. Don’t go away we have step-by-step guides for this process, you can use the following links given below to get to the instructions to install macOS Catalina virtually on your computer.

How to Install macOS Catalina on VMware

Installing macOS Catalina on VirtualBox

macOS Catalina Latest Updates

Apple has recently released the 10.15.4 update that includes many new features, including, iCloud Drive folder sharing, Screen Time Communications limits, Apple Music- Synced lyrics view, Safari updates, and many more.


  • iCloud Drive folder sharing from Finder
  • Controls to limit access only to people you explicitly invite, or to grant access to anyone with the folder link
  • Permissions to choose who can make changes and upload files, and who can only view and download files

Screen Time:

  • Communication limits for controlling who your children can communicate with and be contacted by throughout the day and during downtime
  • Playback control of music videos for your children


Time-synced lyrics view for Apple Music, including the ability to jump to your favorite part of a song by clicking a line in lyrics view.


  • Option to import Chrome passwords into your iCloud Keychain for easy AutoFill of your passwords in Safari and across all your devices
  • Controls for duplicating a tab and for closing all tabs to the right of the current tab
  • HDR playback support on compatible computers for Netflix content
  • App Store with Apple Arcade
  • Pro Display XDR
  • Accessibility (This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements)

How to Extract an ISO File

Extracting an ISO file is quite simple. You can use third-party software like Power ISO, WinRAR, or 7-Zip to extract the file. For instance, I am using 7-Zip to extract an ISO File. When you install 7-Zip, then all you have to do is double-click an ISO image to open it up and browse contents. You can now copy the contents from the ISO to any other folder simply by dragging and dropping.

If you want you can also extract the full contents of the ISO to your preferred folder. Right-click on the ISO file go to 7-Zip and select your perfect extract method. “Extract files” let you extract and choose the location for the extraction. “Extract Here” extracts the file to the same location as the ISO file is. And “Extract to” command creates a new folder in that location to which to extract

How to Mount an ISO File in Windows 8/10

Sometimes if you don’t have a CD/DVD burner installed on your machine and you don’t have media available like a blank CD or DVD, in this case, you can mount the ISO image or file as a virtual drive and access all files in the ISO image. When mounting an ISO file your computer will believe that the file is a real disk drive and you will be able to access the file from this virtual disk.

Fortunately, with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, you can mount an ISO file without any third-party software. The process is quite simple, right-click on the ISO file and then click mount.

As always please feel free to ask your question and share your thoughts about the article using the comment section below.

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sam April 22, 2020 at 2:05 pm

not working, zip corrupted.

Tran March 30, 2020 at 3:42 pm

hi there,
I managed to download and use the iso on VMware Workstation 15 Player 15.5.2 build-15785246 on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon thanks to your tutorials.
I pass the the window loading with the apple but unfortunately I’m stuck on the next one Language: when I grab inside the VM’s window the mouse and keyboard don’t work and I can’t choose the language and click next…
The grab is always working for my other VM install.
Is there a solution or the iso is corrupted?


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