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How to Download macOS Monterey on Windows to Create Bootable USB?

on the WWDC 21 Apple unveiled the next operating system for their Desktop and laptop users, it is known as macOS Monterey. MacOS 12 or macOS Monterey seems to have more compatibility with other devices and operating systems specially iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

There are interesting features like universal control, shortcuts on mac, Safari updates, airplay on mac, facetime and messages, focus mode, and Quick note update. This year the update is not as big as the when the macOS 11 Big sur was released. However it is still better then nothing since it is very compatible with the M1 chip.

How to Download macOS Monterey with developer account?

If you are a developer user, By using the apple developer account you can download the macOS Monterey directly apple servers. since those users who don’t have a developer account they can follow the next step to download macOS Monterey directly from apple servers.

  1. Go to and sign.
  2. Go to the developer menu and download the macOS Monterey Developer Beta Access Utility.
  3. Click to download and then double click to run it on your mac.

How to Download macOS Monterey on Windows 10?

You can easily download macOS Monterey on Windows 10 with the help of a tool called gibmacOS. gibmacOS is a tool that is built with phyton codes to download all the macOS versions directly from apple servers, even the beta version is available. gibmacOS is available both for macOS and Windows 10 users, however in the end windows users need the macos to combine the downloaded files.

How gibmacOS works?

As I said before, gibmacOS is a tool built with python codes, it is available both for windows and macOS. The thing is the developer of gibmacos has provided all the download links even the beta version to this small software. When you are using the gibmacos, the operating system is downloaded in parts, it doesn’t matter if you are on a macOS or a Windows machine. Once all the operating system is downloaded, there is another small software which you have to run to combine the download parts. Since the combination needs macOS Terminal, you need to have access to a macOS operating system. Windows users can use Virtual machines like VMware or Virtualbox to combine them.

Requirement files:

Steps to download macOS Monterey on Windows 10

You have to download and install the required files on your computer, especially the Python 3 and WinRAR on Windows 10. Once you downloaded the gibmacOS from github, extract on your desktop and run the batch file known as gibmacos.

Download macOS Monterey on Windows 10
Run gibmacOS on Windows 10

Wait until the list of operating system should appear in the cmd window, choose the operating system you want to download by typing the number. (If you are seeing macOS Monterey right now, soon the developer will add it, so be patient.)

Download macOS Monterey on Windows 10
list of Available operating system to download

I have a virtual machine running macOS 11 big sur, so I am going to copy all the files from windows in it to make them a macOS installer.

Double-click on the BuildmacOSInstallApp.command.

Once the terminal window is opened, drag the downloaded folder and press enter on the keyboard.

Now all the files are combine and you have the installer.pkg. use it to create a bootable usb.

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