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How to Install Kali Linux Using Windows Store on Windows 10?

Kali Linux is a pain in the ass for day to day to use, but it is perfect for penetration testing because of its tools. However, carrying a second laptop which contains the Kali Linux is even more pain, and the same goes for Kali Linux on Virtual Machine because of the Wi-Fi adapter. The dual boot also works fine but every time restarting the pc for accessing the Windows, it really sucks.

But in 2018 Microsoft did a fine job of adding a subsystem for Linux distribution (WSL), The Subsystem for Kali Linux runs Kali and its distribution without the Virtual Machine or dual boot.

The actual Kali Linux, in other words, the base image doesn’t contain the tools or graphical environment of Linux. The Graphical window cannot be downloaded but the tools can be downloaded one by one. Later You will know How to download tools in the post.

Limitations of Kali As Windows Subsystem

Microsoft took the best step towards the Linux Distributions but you yet it is not on the summit. It is not fully functional for some tools such as the AF_Packet because windows don’t support it by default.  Nmap is the other tool that may cause a problem. I don’t know about the other tools which are working or not, if you know please let me know.


Install Kali Linux Using Windows Store on Windows 10

Step 1. Install the Windows Subsystem for Kali Linux Feature

Microsoft added the Windows Subsystem For Kali Linux in 2018, whereas users could download and install. You can install the Windows Subsystem For Kali Linux Graphically using the Windows feature, or simply type the below command inside the PowerShell which is run as Administrator.

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux
Enable the Windows Subsystem For Linux

If you want to enable it graphically, open the Run dialog box and type their appwiz.cpl. after that on the left pane of programs and features, select Turn Windows Feature on or off, after that dialog box of windows feature opened, Find the Windows Subsystem for Kali Linux.

Enable Windows subsystem for Linux using the Windows Feature

Step 2. Download Kali Linux Application from Windows Store

Once the Environment is ready for running the Kali Linux, you need to download the Kali Linux App from Windows Store. So, open the Windows Store and Search for Kali Linux.

Step 3. Launch the Kali Linux For First Time

After downloading the Kali Linux from Windows Store, click launch or search for Kali Linux in the Search box.

Once you opened the Kali Linux it will ask for a user name and password, enter them and it is done installing Kali Linux From Windows Store.

Enter User name and Password

Now update the Kali Linux by typing the

Sudo apt-get update
Update Kali Linux


All hacking tools of Kali Linux are not available on the Windows subsystem for Linux, Microsoft said they are working on it. So, if you need to download the tools, you need to type the name of the tool and after the sudo apt-get install name of the tool

Install Wireshark on Linux on Windows

Add Kali Linux to Windows Defender Exclusion

Since most tools of the kali Linux are based upon the hacking, that’s why the windows defender is not friendly with it. So, you need to make sure the tools of Linux are not a virus. To prevent is, add a Windows Defender exclusion for the Kali Linux directory.

First, make sure the hidden box is checked, otherwise, the AppData directory won’t appear. To make sure it is checked, open this PC, click view and the box of hidden items.

Check Hidden items box

Now follow the path, and make sure to enter your user name.


Packages Directory

Now open the Kali Linux Directory and copy the path.

Open Windows defender> Virus & threat protection> under the virus and threat protection setting select Manage settings.

Install Kali Linux Using Windows Store
Access Virus and Threat Settings

Scroll down to the end until you find the exclusion, select add or remove the exclusion.

Install Kali Linux Using Windows Store
Add or remove the exclusion

Select Add exclusion> Folder and paste which you copied.

Install Kali Linux Using Windows Store
Add Directory to Exclusions


Enable the windows subsystem for Kali, then download the Kali Linux App, after that launch the app, enter a user name and password. Then simply update the Kali and download the tools for hacking and test Kali Linux without Dual Boot, Virtual Machine. So, this is How to Install Kali Linux Using Windows Store on Windows.

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